Vision, Mission, Goals, & Objectives


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Expose the school community in general to a wealth of technology ideas so as to encourage the familiarization of technology in a modern day school environment.



Promote the benefits of using technology through cooperation and teamwork as well as finding efficient ways of working through its usage.



  • Provide the student body with knowledge of various forms of technology through interactive workshops;
  • Increase the amount of activities organized by the Club so as to cement its presence;
  • Expand the school’s knowledge base around technological apps for scholastic use.



  • Inform the school community of the club’s activities throughout the school year using the Club blog ( and other forums;
  • Provide a monthly workshop to the community at large;
  • Collaborate with organizers of the school’s annual STEM Week activities;
  • Participate in the school’s annual STEM Week activities;
  • Offer technical support during the school’s annual Mathletes’ competition.


Note: Revised June 2018 and updated December 2018

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