2021-2022 IT Club Meeting #2

A fascinating topic was brought to this second meeting of the school year: technological singularity.  You may ask: What is it?

To get an idea check out the presentation Cyberix Meeting #2 (2021-2022) submitted by the Club staff and later discussed with the members.

Included in the presentation is a video that provides more details for this mind-boggling concept.  The meeting ended with the members presenting their own technological singularity events.

What would be your technological singularity event?

Thanks to the staff for coming up with this “singular” topic. Looking forward to the next one! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser


2019-2020 IT Club Meeting #10: Women in Technology



 “Science is not a boy’s game, it’s not a girl’s game. It’s everyone’s game. It’s about where we are and where we’re going. Space travel benefits us here on Earth. And we ain’t stopped yet. There’s more exploration to come.”Nichelle Nichols, former NASA Ambassador and Star Trek actress. 

In March we honor women and their role in society.  This tenth meeting of the year addressed the topic of women in technology.  Andrea, who is part of the IT Club staff, included a quote and a video in the agenda.  A lively discussion on the topic was the result. It was stated that men are associated more with technology than women.  But women are just as interested and can perform just as well as their male counterparts. However, society in general might not agree.

Prejudice against women is apparent.  When hiring, the tech jobs favor the masculine gender.  Is this changing? Possibly. Will we see more women in technology fields? Hopefully.


Check out the following video and reach your own conclusions.

Women and Technology

Our female club members

Ladies, thanks for being a part of the Club! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

2018-2019 IT Meeting #4

It was a dark and “stormy” meeting #4 this past Tuesday, October 2.  Club members looked at and discussed the dark side of technology. Deep thoughts were brought to the “table” as it were. I was surprised by some of the comments and enlightened by others. This year’s club members have a tendency to be more philosophical. I’m looking forward to the next meeting which is scheduled for Thursday the 18th.

Check out the video presented at the meeting that brought on the debate:

Our next gaming session: Wednesday, October 10th.

We’re already planning the Lego competition for this year’s STEM week based on the Harry Potter books and movies. ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser