tech club

IT Club: Our virtual reality

It’s been an interesting first week, to say the least. We’re back to reality, virtual, that is. This first trimester will be in long-distance education mode and we’re not sure if it will be only the first trimester.  The Covid19 pandemic has sure hit everyone hard.  Who knew last year at this time we would be where we are right now? Just goes to show how life can change in a just matter of days.

Besides academic classes, all extracurricular activities will be online. The Club’s first meeting will be held next Thursday at 2:30 pm via Google Meet.  The Club president presented briefly the work plan for this year at Thursday’s meeting of all the school’s clubs and organizations. We have several students who would like to be a part of the Club. They’re more than welcome.

Here’s hoping this new school year is filled with all kinds of learning. It’s definitely one for the history books! Best wishes for all! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser