2021-2022 IT Club Meeting #11: Animation

Club meeting #11 was all about animation and as a closing activity, the Club members were asked to create their own storyboards. Here’s a link to some samples of the work handed in at the end of the meeting: Cyberix story boards

Thanks to the Club staff for this presentation!

Can you imagine what the storyboard would have looked like for the first cartoon? Check out the video below.


Here’s the presentation on animation for those who want to go over it again. Till the next meeting!~~LMMolina, Club Adviser




2021-2022 IT Club Gaming Session #4

The Cyberix IT Club gamers got together once again this afternoon for the 4th gaming session of the semester.  The next one is scheduled for November 5th (coincidentally it will be the 5th session). Only regular members may attend the gaming sessions.

As usual, health protocols were in place. Our president and vice president with assistance from one of the Club members helped organize the gaming session. Many thanks! ~~LMMolina, Club adviser






IT Club Gaming Session #3 for 2021-2022

Gaming sessions continue; this one took place on a Thursday. The Club staff will be attending a leadership workshop this Friday afternoon so the gaming day was moved up. Attendance was full and lively. Everybody got to play since the gaming equipment was set up during the lunch period to save time.

App used for the tournament https://brackethq.com/

Thanks to Carlos, Alana, and Juan José for organizing this session. ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

2021-2022 IT Club Meeting #2

A fascinating topic was brought to this second meeting of the school year: technological singularity.  You may ask: What is it?

To get an idea check out the presentation Cyberix Meeting #2 (2021-2022) submitted by the Club staff and later discussed with the members.

Included in the presentation is a video that provides more details for this mind-boggling concept.  The meeting ended with the members presenting their own technological singularity events.

What would be your technological singularity event?

Thanks to the staff for coming up with this “singular” topic. Looking forward to the next one! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser


2021-2022 Cyberix IT Club Meeting #1

This afternoon the IT Club held its first meeting of the school year. Quite a few new members joined the school’s technology club. Because of the larger than usual number and the social-distancing rules, the meeting took place in the school library.

The meeting topic? Technology, of course. A more appropriate topic to start off the school year there is not. The “2 truths, 1 lie activity” gave us an idea of what the members are like. It’s an eclectic group for sure!

Thanks to the staff, Alana, Carlos, and Yamilette for the presentation (see below) and accepting the challenge to guide us through this in-person school year. And thanks to Antonio (Tony) for setting up the projection screen for this first meeting.~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

Future club events:

  • Possible gaming sessions #1 and #2:  Wednesday, August 25 and Wednesday, September 15 at 2:30PM in the PC Lab room. Interested members must sign up.  Only ten gamers will be allowed per session.  Those who play during the first session cannot participate in the 2nd.
  • Next club meeting: Thursday, September 2 at the same time and maybe the same place.