2020-2021 IT Club Meeting #12: All About Bugs

How do you feel about bugs? Not insects but the ones that “infest” computer programs.  They can cause havoc if not caught on time. The Club’s VP Gabriel Figueroa presented that topic at yesterday’s meeting.  He also came up with a catchy Bug Song which you can check out here. Thank you, Gabriel. Hope everyone who attended learned something new and had fun at the same time. ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

2020-2021 Cyberix IT Club Meeting #8: Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency. What is it and how does it effect us? And do we need to know?  I think so. That was the topic of our 8th meeting of the school year. 

Cryptocurrency is a form of digital cash.  Cryptocurrencies let you buy goods and services, or trade them for profit.  In many ways it can be compared to the stock market.  Speculators can drive up prices. And just like the stock market, a person can become extremely wealthy or bankrupt in a matter of days or hours! Since it is online purchasing, strong cryptography is used to secure the transactions. 

Check out this video for more information.

Interested in cryptocurrency? Here’s an article you might want to read nerdwallet.com/article/investing/cryptocurrency 7 things to know

Thanks to Ángel Pérez for presenting the topic.  As always, we learn something new about the digital world.

Stay tuned for our next meeting scheduled for February.  They will continue to be held virtually until further notice. In the meantime, stay safe! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser




2020-2021 Cyberix Meeting #5: Space Technology

The topic for our 5th meeting of the school was space technology. What does it do for humanity? A lively discussion ensued and most members participated after they watched the following video:

Thanks to the Club staff for doing the research to present and discuss. Looking forward to the next one!

Our next meeting is scheduled for November 5th.

~~LMMolina Club Adviser


Check out the presentation:

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Google Meet in progress: Club Meeting #5

2020-2021 IT Club Meeting #3: Geometry Around the Home

A scavenger hunt for objects in different geometric shapes was the Club’s activity for today’s meeting. The geometry teacher would be proud of the fact that the club members could find objects around the house in the form of a rectangles, a square, a cube, a circle, a semi-circle, a pentagon, a cylinder and a few other shapes.  Lots of items were displayed. Here are just a few: cellphones, tablets, laptops, cylindrical-shaped speakers, paper towel packages, protractors, rulers, books, bolts, and so forth.  Everyone found most of the objects in the time allotted.

The members were given 10 minutes to gather a certain number of objects from a list given by Ángel the Club president. Each object had a point value and whoever accumulated the most points would receive a prize (a $5 dollar gift card).  One of our female members won the prize after accumulating 23 points. Congrats to Alana!

Applying knowledge while at play reinforces concepts. Thanks to all those who participated. Hope you enjoyed the activity.  I certainly had fun watching! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

Members with their Club shirts

Carlos & Alana


LMM, Club adviser

2020-2021 Cyberix Club Gaming Sessions

Our gaming sessions have started for the school year.  Members of the IT Club can join in the sessions as part of the group’s social activities.  The idea is to take a break and have some fun with members of the Club.  The club has representative members from all grade levels. Two of our newest members are in the 7th grade and have attended both of the sessions held so far.

Today we had session #2 with the game Among Us which is an online game of teamwork and betrayal. The story-line takes place in space.  Four to ten players can participate in this game.  There’s an imposter within the group who must be found and taken out before he causes any damage.

At the first gaming session, those members who joined in the session played Boxhead2. This is a zombie shooter game that consists of multi-player functionality.

As the Club’s adviser, I try to program the gaming sessions during the week the Club does not meet and at the same time will not conflict with other school organizational meetings. The next gaming session might be scheduled for September 29th at the usual time (2:30pm).  For the moment all are being held through Google Meet. Isn’t that logical for a tech club? ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser