STeM Week

STE(A)M Week Coming Soon!

The Cyberix Club will be sponsoring STEM Week 2022 which will include ART so it will be STEAM Week. We will celebrate all things SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, ART and MATH related. The school’s science and math teachers will be integrating art concepts in their courses. Let’s see what they come up with! Should be interesting.

CBCMR students are cordially invited to attend the activities organized by some of the Club members (see schedule below).

Stay tuned for details on the activities for that last week of March.  ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser


STEM Week 2021: Another Virtual Event

Our first virtual STEM Week sponsored by the Cyberix IT Club, began last Friday with a talk on the cyber security of passwords.  Our guest speaker was Prof. Hacniel Cardona from the IT Department of the InterAmerican University, Bayamón Campus.  Do you know how often you should change a password for an online account?  That and other bits of security measures were discussed.

Monday, March 8, the IT Club members and invited guests had some fun with during the lunch period. Guillermo Pérez hosted this activity along with Gabriel Figueroa.

Later that same day, students from the school’s science and math courses participated in a lab experiment to obtain DNA from a banana. Under the guidance of biology doctoral students from the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus, our students from grades 8, 9 and 10 were able to obtain the DNA from the fruit they had available in their homes.  They expressed interest in the procedure and asked valid questions. Our thanks to Edwin Peña, Jessica Rodríguez, and Anthony Rivera for taking the time to broaden our knowledge in this fascinating field.

Tuesday, March 9, Alana Sierra and Yamilette Alemañy hosted a “Minecraft: Hour of Code.”  Our Club ladies are into coding! Love it!

Wednesday, March 10, We had a Paper-Bridge-Engineering Challenge. How many coins can a paper bridge hold?


Thursday, March 11, The STEM Week activities concluded with an Arduino tutorial hosted by the Club president Ángel Pérez. Can you program an Arduino? How hard can it be?

Thanks to all who participated in our first virtual STEM Week!  Hopefully, next year’s STEM Week will be an in-person event. ~~LMMolina

2020-2021 IT Club Meeting #9: Cloud Computing

Today we held Club Meeting #9 of the school year. It’s been a hectic one but we’re still hanging in there! Virtually, of course.

The topic was on cloud computing and members are fully aware that all the Google products which we’re using at school are definitely related to cloud computing.

Ángel Pérez, the club’s president, discussed the topic after presenting the following video.

Could we live without cloud computing? Right now, I don’t think it’s possible and what with the pandemic still impacting our daily lives we might take a while to go back to in-person transactions. Commerce depends on it and education even more at this moment.

Another topic discussed was STEM Week for this year. March 8-12 has been set aside for all-things-stem. Right now we’re working on a possible theme to get things rolling.

Our next meeting will be within two weeks time. ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

During Beato ComicCon and Cosplay: A visit from “Cool Things Only”

Ulisses Morales will be selling his merchandise on Friday, March 31st, the last day of our celebration of the science, math and technology week. Ulisses’ items includes lanyards, pins, caps and stuffed toys under different brand names: Mazinger Z, DragonBall Z, ThunderCats and Star Wars. Prices range between $3 and $40 with most falling between $5 and $12. If you’re interested in purchasing any of his wares be sure to bring cash. Ulisses has the ATM app. He will be at our school cafeteria during the lunch period. The math and science teachers may take their afternoon groups down to the cafeteria if they need more time to browse.  Thanks to Cybel Betancourt from the InterAmerican University, Bayamón Campus, for contacting Ulisses. I hope everyone enjoys his visit! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser


Lego Competition 2017

Our club is sponsoring the Lego competition again this year. I’m looking forward to this edition! All CBCMR students are invited to participate. A maximum of 10 teams will be allowed and we already have 3 teams who have signed up. Hope to see more teams who are willing to put their brains to work and have fun at the same time! ~~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

Check out the rules: