Club meetings

2022-2023 IT Club Meeting #8: Cinematography

Today’s meeting was all about the movies–from its history to making a movie. After the presentation, the club members created their own movie posters. ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser





2022-2023 Club Meeting #7: Gaming Session and Social Skills

To close the semester, the club members had a mini gaming session instead of a regular meeting.

Gaming sessions are not only fun for the club members, but lessons can be learned. The  structured environment of a club provides members with the opportunity to develop their social skills. What can be learned through gaming?  When not everyone can play at the same time, you learn to be patient and wait your turn. This is something that is not stressed often enough.

How patient are you when it comes to the simple things? Do you know how to wait your turn? Even adults have difficulty. It takes both time and much patience!  

Those who attended our last meeting of the semester enjoyed the session. Thanks to Izal and the Club staff for organizing it.

We’ll be looking forward to the New Year and the meetings during the second semester.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday recess! See you in 2023! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser




2022-2023: IT Club Meeting #6: Digital Art

Thursday’s Club meeting (#6 of the current school year) was all about art—digital art.

Digital art refers to any artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process. It was once known as computer art.

Check out the presentation on the topic prepared by the Club president Izal. Thanks to the staff for organizing our 6th meeting of the year. ~~L.M.Molina, Club Adviser