2022-2023 IT Club Meeting #2: Video Game Making

2022-2023 IT Club Meeting #2

Meeting #2 was this past Thursday. Those who were not able to attend the first one were present.  Two of the sixth graders joined.  Their enthusiasm was contagious and they’re looking forward to the next one.

At this meeting, the Club president presented the concept of programming using Scratch.  It’s simple and fun!  ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

Check out the presentation to see what was discussed.





2022-2023 IT Club Meeting #1

The Cyberix IT Club held its first meeting of the school year this past Thursday, August 18th. The Club president Izal along with the vice president Ian, presented the plans for this year. Best wishes for the Club under new leadership. ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

Former Cyberix IT Club President at Google Internship: Summer 2022

Former IT Club president, Ángel Pérez, is having the time of his life this summer as part of the Google internship program for those who love technology. It will prepare him for a career that will enable him to tackle some of technology’s greatest challenges. I’m confident that he will be able to overcome the many situations that arise in this field.

Ángel recently sent me a message to say: “It’s great! It’s definitely something very different. There’s a lot of diversity and different cultures and it’s just an awesome learning experience.”

Ángel has always loved problems that challenge the brain.  As the IT Club president, he presented the members a variety of ways to think through situations using technology.

Here’s to a fruitful experience in this fascinating world of all things tech! Wishing you the best, Ángel. ~~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

IT Club Work Plan presentation for 2022-2023

Yesterday, June 22, Izal and Gerardo presented the Club’s work plan for the new school year. They were among the nine organizations represented during the first meeting of the school’s leaders.  Thank you, gentlemen, for attending and presenting the plan. Check out the site page with the Club’s plans. We certainly hope that this school year will be an “uneventful” one.  The past two years have been rocky due to Covid-19.  Best of success to all school leaders with their projects! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser



IT Club President: Graduation 2022

Our Club president graduated this past Friday, May 20, 2022. Alana received awards in six subject areas as well as the Director’s Award for general academic excellence and, of course, the award in Technology.

I wish Alana the best of success, confident that she will go far. May God keep and guide you through life, Alana. ~~~LMMolina, Club Adviser