2018-2019 Meeting #13: Human Organs and 3-D Printing

3-D printers have been around since the 1990’s but it’s industrial use has increased since then.  The past meeting was on 3-D printing as it relates to the human body. Will 3-D printing  evolve in such a way that it may save a life by repacing a damaged human organ? It was an interesting discussion as usual! Check out the video. ~~LMM, Club Adviser



2018-2019 Meeting #12: Cruelty Free Meat

Cruelty free meat? What an interesting and very thought-provoking topic for our 12th meeting of the school year!

Is this the way we’ll go in the future? Will this solve world hunger? How does it affect the agricultural community, and in particular those who handle farm animals?  The arguments for and against were brought to the table. It was definitely a lively debate at this meeting! Looking forward to the next one! Be sure to check out the calendar on this page for future Club activities.~~LMMolina, Club Adviser



2018-2019 Meeting #11: Game Design

Club members at this meeting tried their hand at game design.  In groups of three they had to decide who would (1) create the level (2) create the character and (3) make the story.

Some interesting designs were “started.”  Given more time, they would have come up with some really cool stuff!

Check out this video on a young woman as a video game designer. ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser


Our club members at work on their designs:

Next gaming session: Tuesday, February 19th

Next club meeting: Wednesday, February 27th during the lunch period

2018-2019 Meeting #10: “Deep Fake”

The club members met on Thursday, January 31st during the lunch period for Meeting #10.

Our topic of discussion was “Deep fake.” Many well-know personalities have been in deep fake videos without their consent.  What is real? What is fake?  Makes one wonder where we’re headed. Check out the video on the topic.

We will meet next Thursday, February 14th (St. Valentine’s Day) for the 11th meeting of the school year.  This one will be at the regular time (2:30pm) and place. Club members selected the topic on game design for that meeting.

For our gamers: Wednesday, February 13th, Gaming Session #10. ~~LMM, Club Adviser



Gaming Session #9 (Wednesday, January 30th)

2018-2019 IT Club Meeting #9: Elon Musk and his Effect on Society

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.”~~Elon Musk

This was the first meeting of the second semester and our ninth of the school year.

What was on the agenda?

  • Who is Elon Musk?
  • What has he done for our society?
  • Boring Company
  • Tesla
  • SpaceX
  • Neuralink
  • Who is Elon Musk

Don’t know? Well, watch the video.

  • Recap of the votes (on topics/themes for future meetings)

Among the topics under consideration are the following: game design, Arduino, Scratch, dystopian, and the evolution of the Internet.

Thanks to Vincent and Kevin for an enlightening meeting! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

Check out the club calendar for this semester’s club meetings and gaming sessions. Here’s the link.

Club members at Gaming Session #8


2018-2019 Club Meeting #8

Our last meeting of the semester took place on Wednesday, December 12th.  Fourteen members attended along with the president and vice president.

Agenda for that meeting as follows:

Among the ideas submitted by the IT members for next semester, the following were mentioned:

  • more sessions of “Hour of Code”
  • the Wiki Game
  • Mafia
  • Robot Wars board game
  • Scratch
  • a Lego competition
  • extending the gaming sessions to 45 minutes
  • a competition to create a board game

Also, at the meeting to be held on February 14th, a chocolate candy exchange was suggested.  Any allergies? Notify the Club staff.

Gaming session #7  held Thursday, December 13th was extended to 45 minutes (one of the suggested ideas put into action).

Our next meeting and first of the New Year 2019 will be held Thursday, January 17th. Any changes in schedule or time, will be notified in advance. Please, stay in touch. Have a safe and happy holiday season! May 2019 be an excellent and successful one for all!

LMMolina, Club Adviser

Xmas Casual with Abigail class of 2017 IMG-0371 (1)

Club Xmas Casual photo with Abigail, Class of 2017.