2022-2023: IT Club Meeting #6: Digital Art

Thursday’s Club meeting (#6 of the current school year) was all about art—digital art.

Digital art refers to any artistic work or practice that uses digital technology as part of the creative or presentation process. It was once known as computer art.

Check out the presentation on the topic prepared by the Club president Izal. Thanks to the staff for organizing our 6th meeting of the year. ~~L.M.Molina, Club Adviser



2022-2023 Club Meetings 4 & 5: Robotics

Due to Hurricane Fiona, the robotics presentation had to be divided into two meetings (29 Sept and 13 October). All went well and the club members got to finish their tiny robots.  Check out the presentation and video below. ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

2022-2023 IT Club Meeting #2: Video Game Making

2022-2023 IT Club Meeting #2

Meeting #2 was this past Thursday. Those who were not able to attend the first one were present.  Two of the sixth graders joined.  Their enthusiasm was contagious and they’re looking forward to the next one.

At this meeting, the Club president presented the concept of programming using Scratch.  It’s simple and fun!  ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

Check out the presentation to see what was discussed.