Malicious Apps

I ran across this article on malicious apps from Google Play that opened my eyes. Beware what you download to your phone! It always pays to play it safe.

Check out the full list of malicious apps in the article:’t-download-one-of-these-malicious-apps

Enjoy your apps safely during this new year 2019!~~LMMolina, IT Club Adviser


2018-2019 Club Meeting #8

Our last meeting of the semester took place on Wednesday, December 12th.  Fourteen members attended along with the president and vice president.

Agenda for that meeting as follows:

Among the ideas submitted by the IT members for next semester, the following were mentioned:

  • more sessions of “Hour of Code”
  • the Wiki Game
  • Mafia
  • Robot Wars board game
  • Scratch
  • a Lego competition
  • extending the gaming sessions to 45 minutes
  • a competition to create a board game

Also, at the meeting to be held on February 14th, a chocolate candy exchange was suggested.  Any allergies? Notify the Club staff.

Gaming session #7  held Thursday, December 13th was extended to 45 minutes (one of the suggested ideas put into action).

Our next meeting and first of the New Year 2019 will be held Thursday, January 17th. Any changes in schedule or time, will be notified in advance. Please, stay in touch. Have a safe and happy holiday season! May 2019 be an excellent and successful one for all!

LMMolina, Club Adviser

Xmas Casual with Abigail class of 2017 IMG-0371 (1)

Club Xmas Casual photo with Abigail, Class of 2017.


2018-2019 IT Meeting #7



Artificial limbs, prosthetics, and  3-D Printing were just some of the topics discussed at this meeting last Wednesday, November 28th.  Artificial limbs have always been around but now a person who has lost a part of his body has more options and the prospect of a better quality of life.

Medical science combined with advances in technology have changed the world of prosthetics.  3D Printing has impacted many sectors of our society but in medicine it has progressed to the point that a person whose extremities have been compromised may regain their normal function.

What will the future bring? Who knows? And how will ethics be a factor in deciding who benefits from this technology? All good questions to ponder. Check out the “Iron Man, Iron Boy” video. Inspirational!

Our next club meeting will be a brief one to discuss next semester’s activities. This will be held  on Wednesday, December 12th.  As part of the Christmas Casual Day, the members will come with an ugly Christmas sweater (or t-shirt as the case may be).  I’ll take pictures so be prepared. Thursday, December 13th we’ll have Gaming Session #7.   Till next time! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser


Meeting #7

2018-2019 IT Meeting #6

At our 6th meeting of the school year we discussed the topic of teens and technology. How addicted are teens to technology? Regarding the “Teenage Post #16668,” the hours varied among our club memebers. Some said they could get in their regular hours of sleep (8 to 9), while others said they might be up until 1 or 2 in the morning depending on the day of the week.  What are your views on the subject? Can you disconnect from technology long enough to get a good night’s sleep? Be sure to check out the video for some interesting facts. ~~~LMMolina, Club Adviser



Gaming Session #6 will be next Wednesday, November 14th.

Club Meeting #7 will be held after the Thanksgiving recess on Thursday, November 29th.


2018-2019 IT Meeting #5

Meeting #5 revolved around the school’s upcoming STEM Week. Do we emphasize stem learning in the classes?  Have you heard of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math)? After we watched the video on STEM Education we discussed different aspects of how we learn based on our past experiences. All agreed that creativity plays a huge role.

Next week’s STEM activities are varied. The club will sponsor the Lego Competition and two of its members will be giving a tech talk on apps and “something more.” This is scheduled for Wednesday, October 24th.

Gaming Session #5 will take place on Tuesday, October 23rd. Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, November 8th. See you then! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

Note: October is cancer awareness month and the school had a PINK casual day to honor those battling the disease and in remembrance of those who sadly lost the battle.



2018-2019 IT Meeting #4

It was a dark and “stormy” meeting #4 this past Tuesday, October 2.  Club members looked at and discussed the dark side of technology. Deep thoughts were brought to the “table” as it were. I was surprised by some of the comments and enlightened by others. This year’s club members have a tendency to be more philosophical. I’m looking forward to the next meeting which is scheduled for Thursday the 18th.

Check out the video presented at the meeting that brought on the debate:

Our next gaming session: Wednesday, October 10th.

We’re already planning the Lego competition for this year’s STEM week based on the Harry Potter books and movies. ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

2018-2019 IT Meeting #3


Digital art software has empowered both the

painterly side of photographers,

and the photographer side of painters.

The theme for this third meeting of the year was digital art.  The staff presented a video so the students could get an idea of the concept of digital art. Then they went on to a fun activity in which each person had to make three separate drawings of a robot on a sheet of white paper.  It was a challenge because the time limit for the first drawing was 5 minutes, the second one was 1 minute and 10 seconds for the last one!  The results were quite unique! Check out the images in the gallery below the video. Meeting #4 will be held on Tuesday, October 4th. See you then! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser



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