2021-2022 IT Club Meeting #6: Movie Special Effects

Who doesn’t like a good movie? Even “bad” ones are interesting to watch for the purposes of comparison.  Ever wonder how directors and cinematographers work their “magic” for the audience’s entertainment? This field has been growing but with the pandemic still around, it’s been a challenge for the movie industry.  Do you prefer the theater or home experience when watching movies? Unless you have a home movie theater at home, the special effects are usually not the same. Most often it depends on the quality of the film. Wherever you watch your movies, try to appreciate the work of the film crew. They do their best to give us a real-life experience. Popcorn, anyone? ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser 

By the way, we’re back in the computer room where we hope to continue with our meetings. 


Closing activity:  https://skribbl.io

Thanks to the Club staff for the awesome presentation. 

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