Month: August 2021

2021-2022 Cyberix IT Club Meeting #1

This afternoon the IT Club held its first meeting of the school year. Quite a few new members joined the school’s technology club. Because of the larger than usual number and the social-distancing rules, the meeting took place in the school library.

The meeting topic? Technology, of course. A more appropriate topic to start off the school year there is not. The “2 truths, 1 lie activity” gave us an idea of what the members are like. It’s an eclectic group for sure!

Thanks to the staff, Alana, Carlos, and Yamilette for the presentation (see below) and accepting the challenge to guide us through this in-person school year. And thanks to Antonio (Tony) for setting up the projection screen for this first meeting.~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

Future club events:

  • Possible gaming sessions #1 and #2:  Wednesday, August 25 and Wednesday, September 15 at 2:30PM in the PC Lab room. Interested members must sign up.  Only ten gamers will be allowed per session.  Those who play during the first session cannot participate in the 2nd.
  • Next club meeting: Thursday, September 2 at the same time and maybe the same place.

IT Club Staff at the 2021-2022 School Fair

Yesterday the Cyberix Club Staff were promoting the IT Club during the lunch period.  Students who were interested could sign up using a QR code which they scanned with their smart phones. The code opened up a Google form in which the student just had to provide name, group, and an email address.


Looks like we’ll have a good-size group for the first meeting which is scheduled for next Thursday, August 19, 2021. If there is not enough room in the computer lab, we might have to move to the library.  Because of the social distancing rules, the lab can only provide space for up to 17 students. We’ll see how things progress.

The IT Club has a Google Classroom where students can keep up with the club’s events and if necessary join a Google Meet if the circumstances require it.  I’m looking forward to working with the new staff members, Alana, Carlos, and Yamilette.

Best wishes to all for a successful school year! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser