Month: June 2021

Cyberix at the General Meeting for CBCMR Student Leaders 2021-2022

During the summer the school’s student leaders present their work plans for the coming school year. This year’s meeting took place yesterday, June 22, in the school’s cafeteria which is used as a multipurpose facility. Teresita Vázquez, Dean of Student Affairs, was the moderator.  The school director Pedro Juan Martínez was present as well as other club advisers.  You can visit Appodiare for information on all the school’s organizations.

Worthy of note: The school’s student organizations continued the work planned for 2020-2021 under modified conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The IT Club was no exception. All of the student organization activities were held virtually using Google Meets or Facebook Live events. Only a few were in-person events observing CDC and state health guidelines.

Alana Sierra, the IT Club president, presented the Club’s work plan based on what she had previously discussed with the Club staff, Carlos and Yamilette. I expect interesting ideas from this team next year.

You’ll see the Club’s work plan in both English and Spanish on the following page:

IT Club Yearly Work Plans

Here’s hoping all student organizations can fulfill their work plans for the 2021-2022 school year! ~~LMM IT Club adviser