Month: December 2018

2018-2019 Club Meeting #8

Our last meeting of the semester took place on Wednesday, December 12th.  Fourteen members attended along with the president and vice president.

Agenda for that meeting as follows:

Among the ideas submitted by the IT members for next semester, the following were mentioned:

  • more sessions of “Hour of Code”
  • the Wiki Game
  • Mafia
  • Robot Wars board game
  • Scratch
  • a Lego competition
  • extending the gaming sessions to 45 minutes
  • a competition to create a board game

Also, at the meeting to be held on February 14th, a chocolate candy exchange was suggested.  Any allergies? Notify the Club staff.

Gaming session #7  held Thursday, December 13th was extended to 45 minutes (one of the suggested ideas put into action).

Our next meeting and first of the New Year 2019 will be held Thursday, January 17th. Any changes in schedule or time, will be notified in advance. Please, stay in touch. Have a safe and happy holiday season! May 2019 be an excellent and successful one for all!

LMMolina, Club Adviser

Xmas Casual with Abigail class of 2017 IMG-0371 (1)

Club Xmas Casual photo with Abigail, Class of 2017.



2018-2019 IT Meeting #7



Artificial limbs, prosthetics, and  3-D Printing were just some of the topics discussed at this meeting last Wednesday, November 28th.  Artificial limbs have always been around but now a person who has lost a part of his body has more options and the prospect of a better quality of life.

Medical science combined with advances in technology have changed the world of prosthetics.  3D Printing has impacted many sectors of our society but in medicine it has progressed to the point that a person whose extremities have been compromised may regain their normal function.

What will the future bring? Who knows? And how will ethics be a factor in deciding who benefits from this technology? All good questions to ponder. Check out the “Iron Man, Iron Boy” video. Inspirational!

Our next club meeting will be a brief one to discuss next semester’s activities. This will be held  on Wednesday, December 12th.  As part of the Christmas Casual Day, the members will come with an ugly Christmas sweater (or t-shirt as the case may be).  I’ll take pictures so be prepared. Thursday, December 13th we’ll have Gaming Session #7.   Till next time! ~~LMMolina, Club Adviser


Meeting #7