IT Conference #3 at Club Meeting #6: Databases and How They Work


At our latest meeting last Thursday, November 3rd, our guest speaker was Gaith Mohamed from the InterAmerican University, Bayamón Campus. Gaith talked to our club members about databases and how they work. So what is a database and what is it good for? A database is an organized collection of data.  It is the collection of schemas (diagrams or plans), tables, queries (which are requests for information), reports, views (virtual tables), and other objects.

Gaith mentioned some database management systems such as My SQL, Microsoft SQL, ORACLE, IBM DB2, and a few others. He ended the talk with a simple exercise in which each student provided information about himself on different slips of paper. Using only the student ID number, Gaith was able to discover what the student’s favorite artist was or what kind of music he liked.  That’s how this system functions.

What might we do with a database? Gaith explained that he was working on a database for the InterAmerican University.

Take a look at the following example:



Querying the database:

Student record: Give me all the courses a student XYZ has taken. Show all the grades he/she got plus the class average.





What do you think? Is it a good idea to prepare a database? Wouldn’t it be easier to manage tons of information this way? I think so!~~LMMolina, Club Adviser

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